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Headquartered in Savannah with a satellite office in Boston, A2K Consultants provides comprehensive consultative services in the Energy, Materials, Pulp & Paper and Renewables sectors. We specialize in technology due diligence, market intelligence, project management and new business development. Whether you’re an inventor, small business owner or corporate CEO, we bring extensive experience and professionalism to every project and customize our support to your individual needs.

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Energy powers the enterprise, but it comes at a price and can erode profitability. As such, identifying and implementing energy solutions that can decrease energy intensity and lowering overall energy costs should be at the center of every successful business strategy. At A2K Consultants we take a holistic view of energy use and develop strategies for lowering energy costs across the enterprise. Whether it is a new approach to process flows or the implementation of novel energy saving technologies, A2K Consultants will analyze your energy use and provide cost-effective solutions that can reduce energy use, reduce your environmental foot-print, and increase profits. 

A2K Consultants also provides a range of renewable energy services including: technology selection for alternative energy production (wind and solar); biomass-to-energy (wood, agricultural residues and waste, and MSW); and advanced and emerging energy technologies (algae and wind).    


The world of materials development is growing at a rapid pace. From novel composites to nanomaterials to bio-based alternatives to biomass, the possibilities for utilizing advanced materials in novel ways to produce differentiated products are enormous.

At A2K Consultants, we bring are vast knowledge of materials to identify new opportunities for materials use. Whether it is application specific or material selection or new business development, let A2K Consultants support your material and chemical projects and accelerate your growth strategy.


The nonwovens market represents a $37.4 billion industry producing a range of products from specialized high-performance materials used in aerospace applications, to medical products and filtration media, and a host of consumer products, such as disposable wipes.

A2K Consultants has a deep knowledge of the nonwovens market and can help you identify new opportunities and applications for nonwoven products. Let us help you accelerate your growth strategy in this rapidly growing materials market.


The pulp & paper industry is in the midst of wide-spread transition as established markets erode and new markets develop. Successful companies will be able to capitalize on new market trends and re-position their product portfolios to meet the emerging needs of the future. Whether you are interested in evaluating new process technologies, developing new products or acquiring new assets, let A2K Consultants provide the expertise you need to be successful.


Renewable materials are experiencing rapid adoption as companies recognize the importance of reducing their environment footprint and the benefits that can be derived by delivering sustainable product offerings to their customers and consumers. Bio-sourced materials and chemicals can also provide unique functionality in a variety of applications. The challenge is recognizing opportunities and how these new and exciting materials can be used to enhance your value chain. At A2K Consultants, we have the expertise to assess opportunities and accelerate adoption of value-added renewable material solutions within your organization. 

A2K Consultants also provides a range of renewable energy services including: technology selection for alternative energy production (wind and solar); biomass-to-energy; and advanced and emerging energy technologies.    


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller


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